Competitive Youth Baseball League

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 2022 14-year-old High School Freshman cannot play. If you are a freshman for the 22-23 school year you are not eligible to play fall baseball.

The plan is to run an upper and lower division of 13/14 division. Any team 12, 13 or 14 playing AAA or Majors must play up to 13/14 division. 


Lower division 13/14 will play:

54ft pitching distance

80ft bases 


Upper division 13/14 will play:

60ft Piching on mounds

90ft bases


Age cutoff date is 5/1/22, which determines your age and age bracket you will be able to play in.

Players can choose to play up in age brackets but not down for any reason. Players under 7 years (as of May 1st) of age may NOT play in the kid pitch division. YOU MUST REGISTER IN YOUR AGE GROUP BASED ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. IF YOU ARE REQUESTING TO PLAY UP PLEASE NOTE THAT IN THE COMMENTS OF YOUR REGISTRATION.

There are no boundary limits and any individual player(s) or teams are welcome to participate.

Coaches bringing a whole or partial team made up of 5 or more Tournament, Major, AAA or even tournament only AA level players will be placed in the next age division. IE: 12 year team has 5 or more players from a Tournament Only AA/Majors/AAA team will play in the 13-14 division.

Point of Emphasis – No unregistered league players are allowed to play in any games/tournament for any reason. This is a serious liability issue and will be strictly enforced. Coaches have no authority to approve to play a game if this is suggested.

We will take requests for kids to play for a particular coach but will not provide lists of coaches to choose from. Coaches have the final decision of approving this request based on the number of team players. Players can request to play with friends and we’ll try to honor that request wherever possible. If you register at the deadline this may not occur.

Coaches desiring to bring in a full or partial team should email John Rios or Aaron Kretzer as soon as possible prior to the season stating that fact.

Volunteers may also notify the league that they are available to Head Coach and indicate age preference and prior experience information.